Dr. Andrea Herrmann - Former Member of the Group (since 2009)

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The focus of my postdoctoral research lies on the process of requirements elicitation during a software project, especially non-functional requirements, the interfaces of requirements engineering to architectural design and project management. The aspect which I am most interested in in these fields are decisions. I am working on the project SIKOSA for the work package "requirements" and also am one of the two leaders of the work group "Requirements Engineering and Project Management" . Moreover, I am the women's representative (Frauenbeauftragte) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.


Lecture in summer semester 2005 "Software Engineering SWE IIa: Requirements Engineering and Project Management"

Lecture in summer semester 2007 "SWE IIc: Wissensmanagement und Entscheidungen im Software Engineering"

In august 2006, I gave two two-day project management trainings at the Informatica Feminale (summer school for women in computer science) in Freiburg.

Lecture in summer semester 2005 "Software Engineering SWE IIa: Requirements Engineering and Project Management"

In September 2005, I performed a two-day Software Engineering training at the Informatica Feminale (summer school for women in computer science) in Furtwangen.

In July 2004 and 2005, at the IIWE (International Institute of Women Engineering, a summer school), I presented the Germany part of "The History of Engineering Education", and in July 2005 also talked about "Project Management".

Before that, of course, during my project work, I held several software trainings for end-users.


Publications, Talks, Reports

... about Requirements Engineering (RE)

... about RE and architecture

... about RE and project management

  • Herrmann A (2007) Feature Driven Development zwischen Wasserfall und Agilität. Workshop „Anforderungsbasiertes Projektmanagement“, 14th + 15th June 2007, in Fulda, to appear
  • Herrmann A, Fahney R (2007) Risiko Missverständnis: Wenn Projektmanager „Requirements Engineering“ nicht verstehen. RE Conf, 05.03.2007,, München/Germany.
  • Herrmann A, Fahney R (2006) How to convince Managers of Requirements Engineering. Talk at the REConf 2006 on 7th March 2006 in Munich
  • Herrmann A, Fahney R, Rückert Ch, Weißbach R (2005) Clear Role and Process Definitions as a Means to Analyze and Understand Conflicts between Project Management and Requirements Engineering . REProMan: Workshop on the Interplay of Requirements Engineering and Project Management in Software Projects, in conjunction with the 13th Int´l Requirements Engineering Conference (RE05), 30th aug 2005, Paris, France

... about decisions and learning

Other topics

  • Illes T, Herrmann A, Paech B and Rückert J (2005) Criteria for Software Testing Tool Evaluation. A Task Oriented View. proceedings of the 3rd World Congress for Software Quality 2005
  • Herrmann A (1997) Wasserstoff in heterogenen Systemen Physikerinnentagung in Berlin (Germany), November 1997
  • Herrmann A, Schimmele L, Majer G and Seeger A (1997) Monte Carlo Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion in Cubic Laves-Phases: Correlation Effects and Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation Rate of Proton Spins. Defect and Diffusion Forum 143-147, 963-968 (1997)/ DIMAT Conference in Münster, August 1996
  • Herrmann A, Schimmele L and Seeger A (1996) Monte-Carlo-Simulation der Diffusion von Wasserstoff in kubischen Lavesphasen zur Untersuchung von Korrelationseffekten und der Spin-Gitter-Relaxationsrate der Protonenspins. Frühjahrstagung der DPG (Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft) in Regensburg (Germany), March 1996

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"If you have no goals, there are no threats either. Even “being killed” is only a threat if you consider “staying alive” as a goal and “life” as an asset." crinfo.univ-paris1.fr/REFSQ/03/papers/P13-Sindre.pdf

Wer heute einen Gedanken sät,     Who seeds a thought today  
der erntet morgen die Tat,     will harvest the action tomorrow,
übermorgen die Gewohnheit,     the following day the habit,
danach den Charakter     then the character
und endlich sein Schicksal.     and finally his fate.

Gottfried Keller