Mobile Resource Adaptive Built-In Test


With the growing importance of mobile software systems there is also an increasing need for methods and tools to develop such systems.
Quality assurance of mobile applications is, in particular, a challenging task. Common software test approaches cannot be used because:

  • They are applicable only at development time. In mobile applications we need the tests at run time, since components can be added
    or removed at any time. Thus, the application context is changing steadily.
  • They do not take into account the restricted resources of mobile devices e.g., computation capacity, band width.


Thus, we need new strategies to guarantee the reliability of mobile applications. In the MORABIT project we are working on such a new strategy.


Our goal is to develop a distributive resource – adaptive test infrastructure for mobile software applications. We will devise a conceptual framework
and methodology for designing and implementing mobile component-based systems with a focus on support for testing. Our infrastructure overcomes
the obstacles of testing mobile applications using intelligent agents and Built-In-Tests.


This project is funded by the Landesstiftung Baden - Württemberg.


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Our paper 'Empirical Research Design for Software Architecture Decision Making: An Analysis' was selected for the JSS Happy Hour. You can watch it on YouTube

'Continuous Management of Requirement Decisions Using the ConDec Tools' received the best paper award on the tool track of REFSQ'20 (pitch)

2020-2023 Barbara Paech member of DFG review board "software engineering and programing languages"

The IoT-Platform "HEIOT" was developed during the ISE project

Anja Kleebaum et al. 'Continuous Design Decision Support'. Chapter published in 'Managed Software Evolution' (2019)