• UNICASE is a CASE-Tool integrating models from the different development acitivities, such as requirements, use cases, UML models, schedules, bug and feature models into a unified model. This unified model is highly traceable by design. The UNICASE client allows to view and edit these models in a textual, tabular and diagram visualization. The models are stored and versioned on a server comparable to SVN but customized for models. Client and server are easily extensible to support integrating new models into the unified model.
  • UNICASE is based on the Eclipse platform including EMF and GMF. It can also be used as a framework to build modeling applications that reuse its repository and visualization capabilities.
    The project is open-source and released under the Eclipse Public License v 1.0 (EPL). It builds on our experience from the Sysiphus project in building a CASE tool.
  • Please find general information about the UNICASE Project at the official site.

  • The Software Engineering Group has developed several plugins for UNICASE. Please find more information about all plugins at UNICASE @ Google Code