M.Sc. Marcus Seiler

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Marcus Seiler is a PhD Student in the Software Engineering group of Prof. Dr. Barbara Paech, University of Heidelberg, Institute of Computer Science.

He holds a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Kassel.

Research Interests

  • Feature Management
  • Traceability of Requirements
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Decision-making in Software Engineering
  • Case Tools


  • Seiler M, Paech B Using Tags to Support Feature Management Across Issue Tracking Systems and Version Control Systems, In: Grünbacher P., Perini A. (eds) Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ 2017). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10153. Springer, Cham doi:10.1007/978-3-319-54045-0_13
  • Hesse TM, Lerche V, Seiler M, Knoess K, Paech B Documented decision-making strategies and decision knowledge in open source projects: An empirical study on Firefox issue reports In: Information and Software Technology, Vol. 79, November 2016, pp. 36-51, Elsevier Download
  • Seiler M Tool Support for Traceability-Adaptation 22nd International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ'16), Doctoral Symposium, Gothenburg (Sweden), March 14, 2016, CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1564, CEUR-WS.org Download
  • Seiler M, Kuecherer C, Paech B Traceability Usage and Adaptation in Practice, GI-Fachgruppen-Treffen Requirements Engineering (FGRE'15), Windisch/Zürich (Switzerland), November 26-27, 2015, In: Softwaretechnik-Trends, Band 36, Heft 3 Download


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