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WS 2014/2015

The following classes / practical courses / seminars are held by our group in winter 2014/2015:

Classes WS 2014/2015

Einführung in Software Engineering: Planung und Durchführung von Softwareentwicklungsprojekten (Modul ISW) 
Softwareökonomie (Modul ISWÖK)  
Wissensmanagement und Entscheidungen im Software Engineering (Modul ISWKM) 

Seminars WS 2014/2015

Traceability im Kontext agiler Projekte (Modul IS)

Practical Courses WS 2014/2015

Praktikum: Information Systems Engineering Projekt
Software Praktikum: Software Engineering für AnfängerInnen 
Software Praktikum: Software Engineering für Fortgeschrittene

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Look at our topics for Bachelor Theses, Master Theses, or Practical Work ("Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum") following this page.

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Anja Kleebaum et al 'Continuous Design Decision Support'. Chapter published in 'Managed Software Evolution' (2019)