Dr. rer. nat. Robert Heinrich - Alumni since 2013

Robert Heinrich is an alumnus at the Software Engineering Chair of Prof. Dr. Barbara Paech, University of Heidelberg, Institute of Computer Science.

His research interests include quality modeling and analysis of information systems and business processes, with a focus on industrial application.

He holds a doctoral degree of University of Heidelberg and a degree in Computer Science from University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern.

After his engagement at the Software Engineering Chair, he became a Senior Researcher at the Chair for Software Design and QualityKarlsruher Institute of Technology.



book cover

Aligning Business Processes and Information Systems

New Approaches to Continuous Quality Engineering
Heinrich, Robert

2014, XXII, 233 p. 36 illus.

Print: ISBN 978-3-658-06517-1
eBook: ISBN 978-3-658-06518-8


  • Heinrich R, Aligning Business Process Quality and Information System Quality, PhD Thesis, University of Heidelberg, 2013.

  • Heinrich R, Paech B On the Prediction of the Mutual Impact of Business Processes and Enterprise Information SystemsSoftware Engineering 2013, Lecture Notes in Informatics Vol. P-239, pp. 157-170, 2013 Initiates file downloadDownload

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    Further Talks and Posters

      • Heinrich, R.: Coordinating Performance and Reliability Requirements for Business Processes and Supporting IT Systems, Doctoral Symposium Modellierung 2012, Bamberg, March 14th-16th, 2012
      • Heinrich, R., Paech, B.: Verwendung von Simulation zur Koordination von Geschäfts- und IT-Performanzanforderungen, Poster at GI-Fachgruppen-Treffen Requirements Engineering, Hamburg, November 24th-25th, 2011
      • Heinrich, R.: Anwendung eines Qualität-Meta-Modells für Geschäftsprozesse in der Praxis – Eine Fallstudie am Beispiel der Arztbriefschreibung, 24. Arbeitstreffen der GMDS-Arbeitsgruppe „Methoden und Werkzeuge für das Management von Krankenhausinformationssystemen“ (mwmKIS), Nürnberg, May 6th, 2011


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      Our paper 'Empirical Research Design for Software Architecture Decision Making: An Analysis' was selected for the JSS Happy Hour. You can watch it on YouTube

      'Continuous Management of Requirement Decisions Using the ConDec Tools' received the best paper award on the tool track of REFSQ'20 (pitch)

      2020-2023 Barbara Paech member of DFG review board "software engineering and programing languages"

      The IoT-Platform "HEIOT" was developed during the ISE project

      Anja Kleebaum et al. 'Continuous Design Decision Support'. Chapter published in 'Managed Software Evolution' (2019)